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flavio do amaral
Fifa Master

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As a professional player for more than 15 years, Flavio played Futsal at the international level in Portugal, Spain, and Italy. Mentored by Zego, the Brazilian World Cup legend and father of the “4-0 Playing System”, Flavio has a deep technical and tactical understanding of the game. His many years of coaching at the highest levels have enabled him to impart his wisdom to younger players with great success.


Flavio was named best coach of the Italian Serie B, won more than a dozen trophies at Al Khor and coached the Al Rayaan squad to the World Futsal Championship semi-finals. Flavio is now bringing his international experience and knowledge to the United States where he will develop youth players, helping them to become elite athletes and responsible sportsmen and sportswomen with long-term success.

Flavio and his wife, Cristiane, are Windermere residents with 2 daughters who play The Beautiful Game at local clubs and schools.

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