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DA competitive/travel FUTSAL

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Program Description:

The D.A Futsal Academy's Private Team Training Program is a developmental program for youth teams looking to train to the highest levels. Team Training will develop teams to compete against other Futsal academies in the Orlando area, and in regional and national tournaments. CONTACT US if your team is ready to learn The Beautiful Game like never before.

Team Training is designed to:

  • Provide high-quality technical training using all surfaces of both feet under all conditions

  • Develop fundamental movement patterns with logic and synchronicity

  • Sharpen quickness, agility, and reaction time

  • Generate an understanding of "Total Football" through use of the "4-0" System

Words from legendary coach, Pep Guardiola - Champion of Spain, Germany, and England:

On Player Ability: Total players; technique, explosive in the short distance, and who play with the ball flush to their feet.


On Signing Players: My first question is always, "Can this guy dribble?" I only want players who have that skill so that's always what I look at. I want full backs and central defenders and midfielders and inside forwards and wingers who can dribble. Because you can learn control and good passing ... So, yeah, dribbling, that's the key.

On Futsal: Futsal is diagonal and parallel. Touch more touch, play short, long passes are forbidden. There are no defenders or attackers. We are defenders who attack and attackers who defend. The first step is the street game, the reduction of 11 football to futsal. Who does not dominate that sport will never understand the Guardiola method.

After a succession of quick passes, there is a territorial invasion and the arrival of the 2nd line makes the superiority, 2v1 against those who defend - creating a depth after the parallel with the ball, a cut of the pin and a support to draw that equilateral triangle which is the base of futsal.

That is the key to the Guardiola game system.


Futsal is the original small-sided game. Played with only 4 field players, teams who train Futsal together will gain not only unparalleled technical ability, but also a unique understanding of the spatial relationship among the small group of teammates closest to the ball in both attack and defense. The development of this tactical awareness coupled with the necessity to confidently possess the ball against an opponent in a small space is what makes Futsal ….

The Perfectly Designed Game!

CONTACT US to learn more about Private Team Training

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