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“We must take care of the youth game.”

The American Futsal Foundation's FootStart™ Program is designed to introduce children and their families to futsal. Our professional coaches who specialize in youth development will present each child with his/her own ball. Following our core philosophy that 'the ball is the game', each child will be inspired to develop a relationship with the ball and a yearning to play the game.

Parents will be presented with a brief history of futsal, basic rules of the game, and the characteristics and benefits of the game that make futsal unique. Most importantly, parents will be given tools for ensuring that their family fosters an environment of support and encouragement that is the sunlight and water for their child's development.

 The American Futsal Foundation aims to 'take care of the youth game' by creating children who love to play and parents who love to watch them play. Together, they will enjoy and appreciate the game's physical, mental, and psychological benefits for a lifetime. It begins at FootStart™.

The American Futsal Foundation is committed to reducing the cost to play for children and their families. Our FootStart coaches are volunteers, and all proceeds generated through the FootStart™ Program will be used to build new futsal infrastructure in our communities. 


Program Costs:

A one-time registration fee of $50 that covers insurance, player's shirt, and their own futsal ball. 

Monthly Program Fee of $100/month for two1-hour sessions per week on Tuesdays and Thursdays, played at an indoor gymnasium.



Attention: There will be very limited space for this program as we are capping the number of players at 20 to ensure a strong coach to player ratio


Contact us with any questions:


Standing on a Ball

"Children should do nothing but play and play. Children should play with total freedom and enjoyment without any pressure."

-Johan Cruyff

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